Two ridge tiles of semicircular section, glazed in Imperial yellow, surmounted by stylised animal figures sat on their haunches, one a horse and the other a Chinese guardian lion.

The Civic and the Global

Matt Williams, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution’s Collections Manager, was asked to create a companion ‘pop-up’ exhibition for the 2022 Victor Suchar Christmas Lecture on 19th December, delivered this…

Beyond Beastly

Beyond Beastly creatures natural and imagined Beyond Beastly was an exhibition from Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution Collections in 2022 Beyond Beastly is a place where you can encounter an…

Inglefield’s Africa Revisited

West Africa and Britain through one man’s collection Inglefield’s Africa Revisited was a 2014 exhibition produced in partnership with Jana De Brabant, an MA student studying Curatorial Practice at Bath…
Narrative of the surveying voyages of His Majesty's ships Adventure and Beagle, between the years 1826 and 1836, describing their examination of the Southern shores of South America, and the Beagle's circumnavigation of the globe / [edited by R. Fitzroy].

Mr Darwin’s Fishes-A Collections Film

Mr Darwin’s Fishes. Mr. Darwin’s Fishes was displayed in the Jenyns room in 2009 as part of BRLSI’s very successful Darwin and Beyond programme, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the…

Crimean Relics-An Online Exhibition

CRIMEAN RELICSThe Russian ‘bear’ embraces Turkey, centre of the Ottoman Empire. Nicholas I, the Tsar, had been speculating for some time about a partition of the Ottoman Empire. Britain and…