Hello and welcome to our family page! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Professor Ichthyosaurus and you will be seeing me around as I guide you through our family events and activities. The summer holidays have seen some fun craft activities here with children creating astounding inventions to help some of the creatures in our Beyond Beastly exhibition. Some children even conjured up their very own mythical creatures! Check out the gallery! Maybe you  can spot yours? The exhibition ‘Beyond Beastly: Creatures Natural and Imagined’ is full of fascinating creatures both real and imagined and it will be running until October 1st.

Hello! I am Pete the Plesiosaurus. Have you ever been to Queen Square and seen our amazing fossils and dinosaur bones? If not, why don’t you join Professor Ichthyosaurus and sign up to our family newsletter for some fun facts, crazy cartoons and amazing art activities.  You even get to meet our curator (dinosaur babysitter) . You will need a grown up (over the age of 18) to sign up for you and once they have done it, you will receive a newsletter four times a year. This video from our YouTube channel shows our museum curator Matt, being fossil tooth detective!