Children & Families

A warm welcome to our BRLSI family page! I am Professor Ichthyosaurus, your companion and guide on all things BRLSI!

The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, or BRLSI for short is a place where Science, Literature, and Art come together to help people learn and smile. Grown-ups who love books, science, and art can come here to watch lectures and there are fun activities for children.

The really exciting part is, BRLSI has an amazing collection of things from around the world. Treasures from far-off lands that have been collected by enthusiasts, and these are shown in our exhibitions. Read on to find out more!

May Half Term Games & Fun at BRLSI!

Free half term activities! We have bountiful treasure for you to explore. 

  1. Name the Steneosaurus! Join our exciting competition to name our very own Steneosaurus companion! We also have a mysterious Jurassic Crocodile skull waiting for its perfect name. Visit us over half term and enter our naming contest. The winning name will be forever commemorated on a plaque, proudly displayed beside the fossil skull.

  2. Pirate’s Challenge! Ahoy, mateys! If ye were a brave pirate, would ye dare to delve into our treasure trove of mystery? Test yer mettle by reaching into our feely boxes, where hidden artefacts await discovery. Decide if ye’d claim them as yer own pirate booty! There be gold coins waiting for those bold enough to seek them!

  3. Summon Your Inner Artist! Join our Demon Drawing competition and unleash your creativity! Take inspiration from our collection of Chinese demon figurines and traditional depictions of otherworldly creatures. Enter for a chance to have your masterpiece showcased on the BRLSI website for all to admire!

  4. Create Your Own Optical Illusion! Prepare to dazzle your friends with an optical marvel of your own making! Join us to craft a 200-year-old toy to take home. Will your design feature animals, monsters, or mesmerizing patterns? The choice is yours!

  5. Embark on a Spotters Trail Adventure! Explore the wonders of our museum through an engaging Spotters Trail, specially designed for young adventurers like you! Marvel at the tiny skull of a vampire bat, ponder over a bracelet retrieved from a crocodile’s stomach, and dream of holding precious potion bottles made of gold and silver.

  6. Become a Bone Detective! Put your sleuthing skills to the test as you examine pictures of animal skulls. Can you identify which skull belongs to which creature? Become a bone detective and uncover the secrets of the animal kingdom!

Open 10am -4pm Monday-Saturday (excluding bank holidays)

Greetings, my friends! Allow me, Pete the Plesiosaurus, to introduce our Family Newsletter. Sent out four times a year, it includes news of the fun activities happening here, and some entertaining adventures from Professor Ichthyosaurus.