Covid-19: After Lockdown, with Dr. Bharat Pankhania | Virtual Bath Royal

August 13, 2020


Dr. Bharat Pankhania is Senior Clinical Lecturer at University of Exeter Medical School and has over 20 years’ experience in communicable disease control and infectious disease management. He was the local lead for pandemic Influenza planning at Public Health England and became the reference point for outbreak planning, testing systems and control strategies. He was also immersed in and contributed to the Ebola and SARS surveillance and control methodologies, including specialist screening methods at ports of entry. For TV viewers, however, locally at BBC Points West, and on many other radio and TV programmes Dr. Pankhania is the clear, objective and trusted face of medical opinion on Covid-19. In this recording for Virtual BRLSI and for the Royal Geographical Society, he is interviewed by Penny Tranter and Dick Bateman, Convenors for BRLSI’s Geography and Adventure Group. He outlines his own career and offers much-needed advice for our virtual audiences on how to deal with the Covid-19 situation after lockdown.

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