Geography and Adventure

BRLSI regard Geography and Adventure as a wide and inclusive field of interest and have organised lectures on a huge range of topics. This year’s lectures have ranged from ‘Walking North to South across India’, ‘Viking Raiding with Bjorn Heyerdahl in South Africa’, ‘Tracking and finding Meteorites’ (with an up-to-date account of how the Winchcombe meteorites were found) and ‘Search and Rescue in Haiti after the earthquake and in Beirut after the January 2021 port explosion’.

Geography and Adventure also had the pleasure of hosting a live Zoom event. Sergio Rapu, a film maker from Easter Island, and his Californian sponsor, Tod Hardin of Plastic Oceans International, introduced their film “Eating Up Easter” and answered questions afterwards.

Anyone wanting to join the Geography and Adventure team and help in any capacity, will be made very welcome. Email in the first instance and mark your email for the attention of Dick Bateman.

To watch past Geography and Adventure talks from our YouTube Stream click on the following link:



Our Geography and Adventure Team is currently made up of:

Convenor Dr Penny Law

Co Convenors

Jacki Hill-Murphy Explorer, author and CEO of a Charity

Penny Tranter Meteorologist with Met Office, specialising in Severe Weather.

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Geography and Adventure

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