Adelard of Bath

Adelard of Bath           (1080-1152)

Adelard was famous throughout medieval Europe for translating many Arabic and Greek scientific works into Latin. He travelled widely through the lands newly conquered by the Normans such as Southern Italy, Sicily, Antioch (modern Tukiye) and the Middle East

Medieval Renaissance

England’s first scientist

Among the most famous translated works were ‘Euclid’s 13 Elements of Geometry’ and of equal fame was his original work ‘Quaestiones Naturales’

Adelard of Bath was one of the greatest and most influential scholars of medieval Europe. He was a true giant not only of his age, but of any age’  (Jim Al-Khalili -Author & Broadcaster)

stained glass window featuring adelard of bath

John of Tours

Bishop John of Bath was William the Conqueror’s physician and later became the patron and benefactor of Adelard of Bath.

It was the education, provided by the Bishop and Benedictines in Bath, and through the Cathedral school of Tours and Laon, that encouraged Adelard to seek further understanding of Natural Laws

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