Why your museum needs you!

Learn all about a new organisation providing vital support to military museums throughout the UK

The Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution invites you to join us – in person or online – for an important talk on Monday April 3rd at 7.30pm.

With many once-cherished military museums under existential threat, how do we bring history to a new audience and help preserve this important part of our nation’s heritage?

Bruce Crompton, presenter of television’s Combat Dealers and the hugely successful Amazing War Stories podcast thinks he has the answer.

As any military leader knows, there is strength in numbers. With that in mind, Bruce and his Amazing War Stories team are launching a new historical association that aims not only to educate the next generation in our extensive military history, but also to show how our military museums are a vital part of our country’s legacy.

Bruce is convinced the key to engaging audiences is telling stories of our nation’s military past in a unique way: “With Amazing War Stories, we want to motivate the next generation to learn about the incredible deeds of heroism performed by the people who served in the front line over the years.  The objects and personal items that museums hold aren’t relics, but rather historical ‘fingerprints’ of the people who helped make a country we are all so proud of.  If we allow these institutions to die, we will become a poorer society I believe.

This fun and informative talk will present new, immersive, audio clips from the forthcoming season of Amazing War Stories as well as showing how to get involved in helping to save your local military museum. A must see event for military history fans.

Tickets are available on the BRLSI website: and for further events and lectures from the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution


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