WORLD AFFAIRS – Spring 2013 TUESDAYS from 7.30 p.m. to approx.9 p.m. In January, Professor David Miller (Bath University) spoke on terrorism and counter-terrorism. He discussed how terrorism is defined in the criminal justice system, the media and in academic research. Some issues relating to ‘expertise’ and ‘threats’ were considered, together with the reliability of information about the ‘terrorist threat’. The February talk was given by Dr Adrian Flint (Bristol University), who spoke on ‘Healthcare as a human right’, stressing that in Sub-Saharan Africa life expectancy increased from 42 years in the 1960s to 47 years today, whereas in South-East Asia the increase was from 48 to 68. Whereas HIV/Aids is rampant, Africa with 24% of the global burden of disease employs only 3% of the world’s healthcare workers. He claimed that faith-based organisations, responsible for up to 70% of healthcare provision over the continent, arguably marginalise those most in need and threaten the realisation of a broad range of human rights. On 19th March Professor Myles Wickstead CBE, formerly Ambassador to Ethiopia; Head of Secretariat to the Commission for Africa, 2004/2005; Special Advisor to the House of Commons; visiting Professor (International Relations), Open University; and member of the International Development Select Committee, spoke on ‘Aid and international development: where next?’ He noted that the U.K. international development budget is one the very few that is increasing in real terms – significantly – under the Coalition Government, continuing a direction set by the previous Labour Government. Some applaud this; others deplore it. What is the case for and against? What is the historical context for this commitment, and how has that changed over the past half century? What is going on in what we have known traditionally as the Third World? What are the ‘Millennium Development Goals’ and what happens when they run out in 2015? This talk shed light on the past, the present and possible future of aid and international development. Professor Paul Gregg, Professor of Economic and Social Policy, University of Bath speaks on ‘Youth Unemployment and Policy Options’ on April 23rd. In Britain around half of those unemployed are under the age of 25. The recession has hit the young hardest. Even in good economic times earlier, large numbers of young people have struggled to move smoothly from education to employment. The nature of youth unemployment will be discussed, also those who are affected and the resulting lasting scars left on people’s lives. Some ideas and projects which are making real differences in local communities and some broader strategies possible at national level will be considered. As a contribution to the BRLSI Anniversary series of events and in co-operation with the Economics Group, a presentation by Dr Bryn Jones of the Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath, was made on May 21st. His title was ‘Corporate Power and Responsible Capitalism’, which reflects the book he is currently writing. He is widely travelled, has five books to his name to date and 36 articles in journals and books. WORLD AFFAIRS 2013 Meetings are held on TUESDAY evenings between 7.30 and 9 p.m. approximately. January 29 ‘Countering terrorism’ Professor David Miller, Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath. February 19 ‘Faith, sex and stigma in Sub-Saharan Africa’ Dr Adrian Flint, Lecturer in Development Politics, University of Bristol. March 19 ‘Aid and International Development: where next?’ Professor Myles Wickstead, former Ambassador to Ethiopia. April 23 ‘Youth unemployment and policy options’ Professor Paul Gregg, Professor of Economic and Social Policy, University of Bath. May 21 ‘Corporate power and responsible capitalism’ Dr Bryn Jones, Department of Social and Policy sciences, University of Bath. June 11 ‘The Herculaneum Story’ Professor Robert L Fowler, Henry Overton Wills Professor of Greek, University of Bristol. July 23 ‘Protest movements in Latin America’ Dr Ana Cecilia Dinerstein, Senior Lecturer, Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath. September 17th ‘Economic development in Afghanistan’ James Blewett, former economic development advisor to the Afghan government. October 22nd ‘Politics in Eastern and Central Europe’ Dr Magnus Feldmann, Lecturer in Politics, University of Bristol. November 19th ‘A Different Future’ Andrew Crest, Author.