2012 Lectures:
January 16 – The Precariat: globalised labour marketsProfessor Guy Standing, University of Bath
January 27 (Friday) – Life and nuclear radiation (Joint meeting with Science Group)Professor Wade Allison, University of Oxford
February 20 – Women in politicsProfessor Sarah Childs, University of Bristol
March 19 – Global economic relationshipsDr Gaston Fornes, University of Bristol
April 16 – International security systemsProfessor Paul Cornish, University of Bath
May 21 – Migration and racismDr Jon Fox, University of Bristol
May 25 (Friday) – Climate change (Joint meeting with Science Group)Professor Chris Read, University of Plymouth
June 18 – Europe’s global roleLisbeth Aggestam, University of Bath
September 17 – India’s global aspirationsDr Andrew Wyatt, University of Bristol
October 15 – American party politicsDr Dean McSweeny, University of the West of England
November 19 – Global educationDr Harriet Marshall, University of Bath