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Biodiversity and colonial resistance: Maroon rice diversities

Sat 11 February, 2023 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm GMT

External group: hybrid

This talk is organised by an external group; please go to their website for more details: www.botanicalencounters.com or click on Book Tickets to register.

Part of the Botanical Encounters series.

This talk aims to shed light on some of the links between colonial history, farming systems and the spiritual significance of rice in Maroon communities in Suriname and French Guiana. It traces back the names of rice varieties to Africa, plant morphology and agronomy, and particular groups of runaways. It also explores the central role of women in Maroon farming systems, from planting and harvesting in newly formed villages to female-based rice growing communities in western Africa, where some of the early Maroon women came from.

The talk will be followed by a creative workshop with artist educator Lucia Harley.

Nicholaas Pinas is a PhD candidate at Wageningen University & Research Netherlands and a descendant of Maroons in Suriname. His research interests include ethnobotany, traditional rice farming, Maroons in Suriname and French Guiana.