What do Barbarella, Lieutenant Uhura, Ripley, Princes Leia & Deanna Troi have in common?

Female Astronauts are the subject of this week's discussion with NASA Astronaut Anne Mclain

What do Barbarella, Lieutenant Uhura, Ripley, Princes Leia, and Deanna Troi all have in common?

Of course – they are some of the many female characters in the genre of science fiction TV and Film

But there’s no science fiction about Anne McClain, scientist and NASA astronaut who is the guest speaker at the University of Bath on Wednesday, 19 Jul 2023. She tells us about science fact –  the path that one American astronaut took to NASA and why her time at Bath and Bristol is an important part of her career.

Whilst the fictional Ripley was fighting off aliens and Lt. Uhura transporting Spock and Kirk to the surface planets, Anne McClain has been undertaking real-life spaceflights. She shares with us what life is like aboard the International Space Station and what the NASA and the European Space Agency have planned for the next 10 years of space exploration (no aliens or intergalactic wars are expected).

Anne is from Spokane, Washington, McClain and earned a master’s degrees in aerospace engineering and international relations. She holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as an Army Aviator, with more than 2,000 flight hours in 20 different types of aircraft.

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