Welcome home Amy – your wall space awaits!!

Wednesday 3rd March: BRLSI is proud of Bath and has close links with Bath University, so we were very pleased to add our congratulations as University-based local sports heroine Amy Williams (above), fresh from her gold medal triumph at the 2010 Winter Olympics, cruised past on a celebratory open-top bus tour of the city.
An ex-pupil at Haysefield School and a member of Bath University’s Team GB Squad, Amy recently said in an interview that she has a passion for art, which led BRLSI House Manager Bob Draper (himself a Bath University man) to suggest that the Institution might offer her some wall space in one of its elegantly proportioned Georgian rooms on which to hang some of her work. Ever keen to support artistic talent, we think it’s an excellent idea (we would offer the ceiling of the Elwin Room, but it’s already got the Casali paintings on it), so if Amy would like to get in touch, the space is hers.
In the meantime, BRLSI members are reminded that even if they haven’t won Olympic gold they’re still entitled to exhibit their work at the third BRLSI Members Exhibition starting at the end of March. Time and hanging space are running out though, so contact the office on 01225 312084 soon if you’d like to enter something.

BRLSI volunteers hold a (hastily improvised) banner offering Amy exhibition space at
16 Queen Square.