Wi-Fi Access


We have installed faster Wi-Fi for all and a facility called eduroam for students and academics using room hire or visiting. These are free to use, and the latter enables users to easily and securely login to university systems.

Connecting to Wi-Fi as a student or university staff member

Eduroam is a free, global Wi-Fi service for students and university staff. You can also use it at many other universities around the world (https://eduroam.org/where/). If you are visiting from another university using eduroam, you can connect to the service here using your own university login details.

Eduroam use is subject to the Brlsi Wi-Fi Internet access and the eduroam (UK) Policy.

To connect to eduroam, you need:

  • Your university email address, ending ac.uk
  • Your university password

Preparing to connect to our Wi-Fi before you arrive

If you want to set up your device to use our Wi-Fi ahead of time, you can use the eduroam configuration tool. You will need to be connected to the internet already to use it.

After you use the configuration tool, your device should connect to eduroam automatically when you arrive at the BRLSI.

Further support for connection to eduroam is provided by your home institution. You should contact the IT Services department or helpdesk of your organisation for assistance with configuring your mobile device, laptop or phone for eduroam use.


Connecting to Wi-Fi as a visitor

Log into BRLSI ‘Wi-Fi Guest’ network using.

Network ID: BRLSIVisitors

Password available on site.

Terms and conditions for use of BRSLI Wi-Fi Internet Access

  1. You must not use the service to view, download or upload any illegal or defamatory data, including (but not limited to) pornography, incitement, and the unauthorised transfer of copyright material.
  2. You must not use the service for any illegal purpose, e.g., attempts to break into, or otherwise interfere with, other computer systems (“Hacking”).
  3. BRLSI accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment or data, however caused, while connected to the service. You use the service entirely at your own risk.
  4. BRLSI operates an acceptable use policy and reserves the right to refuse access or disconnect equipment in cases of excessive data transfer.
  5. The service is provided free of charge, and constant availability is not guaranteed.
  6. You may only use the service while on the BRLSI premises.