Bath Discovery Trails! Pep up the daily walk and introduce yourself to a Bath that you didn’t know existed.

Everyone knows about Bath, the Romans, and the city of Jane Austen’s time. But did you know about the Jurassic creatures found here? Or that Bath was once considered the cradle of English geology? Or that many great scientific discoveries were made in this city? In which case, let ‘BRLSI’s Bath Discovery Trails app, designed around the great museum collection at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI), introduce you to a Bath that you didn’t know existed.

‘BRLSI’s Bath Discovery Trails’ encourage you to explore the unique city of Bath,  learn something new, and discover something amazing. Our trails are an ideal way to find out more about the city’s rich past as well as the history of our planet. The stories included in these trails span 4.2 billion years: from the very formation of our planet to the lost worlds of extinct species, from the friendship that forged Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’ to the world’s first industrial war. Focusing on a single artefact from the collection of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI), each trail will take you on a historical journey through the city to reveal a detailed and fascinating story about that object’s connection to Bath and BRLSI. And if that were not enough each trail leads you back to the Institution where you can view (for free) the objects that inspired each walk and have a free cup of coffee into the bargain.

The daily walk hasn’t felt this good for a long time!