Bringing Down the BRLSI Demographic! The Students Making Great Contributions to BRLSI Life!

Students working on projects for the BRLSI

Over the years BRLSI has had very productive working relationships with both Bath Spa University and the University of Bath. Students from both universities bring dedication, enthusiasm, and a huge range of skills to ensure that BRLSI represents a forward-thinking and representative institution.

We have many projects in the pipeline where the involvement and impetus of student volunteers makes a significant contribution. The latest innovation is our upcoming BRLSI branded app, taking digital visitors on artefact trails around the City of Bath, which has been designed with staff and artists from Bath Spa University. In addition, each week students from BSU work (via Zoom) to assist with our publicity efforts.

At a time when all young people face unprecedented challenges, many seek to make not only the best of a bad situation, but also an active contribution to their wider communities. We thank them all for their ideas, hard work and great sense of fun and remind them that if they have managed to get through the last year so positively, then the rest can only be a walk in the park!

If you are, or know someone, of university age or above who would like to get involved with BRLSI please email – we would love to hear from you!


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