Transition Bath make a day of it with the Big Event at BRLSI

Martin Sturge writes:
November 14th: Motivated by the twin challenges of peak-oil and climate-change, Transition Bath is part of a nationwide movement to help cities and towns to less dependence on the world economy and more reliance on local produce and enterprise – the local economy.
Their all-day multifacetted Big Event staged a tight rolling programme of well attended presentations in four of our rooms, whilst the Duncan Room provided children’s activities, with non-stop refreshments and delicious snacks, all locally produced, which also were enjoyed by Institution Saturday morning regulars.
Subjects included The Water Challenge, How to Inspire Change, Garden Share and Community Orchard, Energy and CO2, Compacting – Buy Less:Live More, and The Vital Role of Entrepreneurs. The opening lecture, by Patrick Whitefield, was on Permaculture, and echoed an important lecture by Professor Amir Kassan of the University of Reading, in the BRLSI World Affairs programme, on ‘Save Our Soils’. The event was initiated and overseen by Jenny Mackewn (right), a Trustee of Transition Bath, and was informative, very enjoyable, and attended by all ages. The general atmosphere of relaxed enthusiasm was complemented by Duncan Cameron’s compelling exhibition of Very Small Things in the ground floor Jenyns Room, which runs until 28th November. Take good specs!