The world in 2050 series – are you ready for the future?


Decisions we make today will shape the world of tomorrow. Have you ever wondered what life might look like in 2050 for yourself, your children, and grandchildren? Human advances in technology, healthcare and living standards continue to enrich our experience of life, but what lies ahead?

The World in 2050 series of talks enlists an exciting roster of speakers who will provide their insight into the future and what we need to understand today to ensure the world continues to thrive. Covering topics as diverse as the global economy, society, politics, governance, environmental issues, technology, innovation and Artificial Intelligence, this series is designed to shed light on the possibilities & pitfalls of life thirty years ahead .

As a precursor to the series, students from Bath Spa University will consider what their major hopes and concerns are for the future which lies before them. Our series then kicks off with a keynote lecture on The World in 2050 from author and award-winning journalist Hamish MacRae, who provides both an overview of the current geopolitical terrain and a framework on how to think about the future. The series culminates with a very timely lecture from Professor John Lennox on Artificial Intelligence and the future of humanity.

Chaired by Andreas Wasmuht, the series of eight talks will each explore different aspects of The World in 2050, demonstrating the interrelated and interdependent dynamics of the world in which we live. Throughout the series we will be encouraging you to share your own thoughts and ideas, building a picture of how positively our audience views the world ahead and comparing this with the views of students who took part in our Youth Forum.


To find out more and book your tickets please follow the links on the date of each event below (all Fridays). You can attend live at Queen Square or watch live online.

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The World in 2050 – talks series:

21 July:  Global environmental challenges – Elisa Lanzi, Senior Economist, OECD, Environment Directorate

28 July:  Technology & Innovation – Dr David Born, Roland Berger Global Consulting

4 August:  AI and the future of humanity – Professor John Lennox, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford

The World in 2050 – are you ready for the future?


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