The Independent Bath Literature Festival

The first is:
Forgotten Lives, Inspiring Stories II: New Breath for Vanished Voices
Celebrate the forgotten corners of history in an inspiring spoken-word performance, hosted by Bath bard and convenor of the Bath Storytelling Circle, David Metcalfe. Students from Bath Spa University and established performance artists respond creatively to people and events from the city’s well-spring of memory.
Friday 2nd March, 12:30pm – 1:30pm

The second is:
Stuart Clark and Astronomy
Stuart Clark, the well-known astronomer and newly-appointed astronomy consultant for New Scientist launches his new novel about Newton and Halle, The Sensorium of God. He talks beautifully about the skies, the seventeenth century, and possible future discoveries in ‘the heavens’.
£7.50 (£6.50 concessions)
Monday 5th March, 8pm – 9pm

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