Terms and Conditions

All Members of BRLSI are asked to be aware of

BRLSI’s Terms of Membership

The ‘Objects’ of BRLSI’s Articles of Association:

The promotion and advancement, for the public benefit, of science, literature and art in the City of Bath and its surrounding areas by such means as the Directors of the Company think fit, including, but not limited to:

• The provision and maintenance of a museum in or near the City of Bath for the display of exhibits of historical, scientific, literary, or artistic significance or interest

• The provision of a library, lectures and other facilities for education relating to literature, science and art

• The promotion of research relating to literature, science and art and the publication of the useful results of that research.

BRLSI Code of Conduct

All BRLSI Directors, staff, members and volunteers should create and maintain a welcoming, respectful and supportive atmosphere within the Institution.

Personal interactions should be respectful and polite.

It should be recognised how others might feel if they are not treated with respect and they should be encouraged to express their concerns if they feel any unease.

Some behaviours that might be considered as unsupportive are using an abrupt tone in emails, especially if anyone else is copied in as a recipient; raising one’s voice in discussions and interrupting before a person has finished the point they are making.

Any instances of behaviour that lack respect, or which might be considered to be coercive, should be reported in writing to BRLSI Chair of Management, who in the first instance, will have an informal talk with both parties to avoid any escalation. Subsequently, should it be considered necessary, a formal meeting will be held in accordance with the relevant Policy.