William Golding: Lord of the Flies & beyond

September 4, 2023


A talk by Dr Nicola Presley & Judy Golding. Monday 4th September 2023, Queen Square, Bath.

William Golding, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, remains best known for his debut novel, Lord of the Flies. The book – a literary phenomenon – has become a synonym for any kind of societal breakdown. Golding wrote many other distinguished novels but the continued relevance of Lord of the Flies in an increasingly divided and polarised world speaks to the power of Golding’s original vision. In this talk, Judy Golding and Nicola Presley explore the impact and influence of the author’s work in twenty-first century literary culture. Dr Nicola Presley (Senior Lecturer in English Literature, Bath Spa University) Judy Golding (CEO of William Golding Limited)

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