Prog Rock: Popular Music’s Marmite Genre

October 15, 2021


On October 15th 2021 musician and educator John Sandford led an entranced audience at Bath Royal through his personal journey with Prog Rock.

The event was covered by the Artswork Media video team from Bath Spa University. They captured a wide range of subject matter, from the exterior of the building in Queen Square, to interviews with Betty Suchar, the BRLSI director, and the speaker in his extraordinary psychedelic cape. This short video is one of a number of videos they created around the event. Our thanks go to Dr Ruth Farrar, Reader in Creative Media at BSU and to the talented team of students who carried out the work: Lily Johnson: Producer, Director, Covid Supervisor Jack Thomas: Cinematographer, editor Lauren Bobby: Cinematographer Kieran Owens: Sound Recordist Katie Pritchard: Editor

The full recording of John’s talk will be available on the BRLSI website and YouTube channel shortly.

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