Viruses – the new frontier in Earth Sciences

June 24, 2021
Viruses are everywhere – in all environments, within all animals and plants, and within us of course, and in huge numbers too. We have all learnt much about viruses in the last year, but what about their wider significance in the environment and in the geological record too? Indeed, is there evidence for fossil viruses since they are so small you can only see them with an electron microscope?
In this recording of a live online talk, Professor Maurice Tucker from the University of Bristol explores the preservation of viruses and how they are being fossilised in modern microbial mats and hot springs and how they can be found in rocks formed in these settings. But what about the roles of viruses in natural environments through time? They are fundamental to nutrient generation in the oceans, instrumental in mineral precipitation and likely involved in extinction events. Some say that without viruses there would be no life. Viruses are completely neglected in the Earth Sciences: viruses are the new frontier.

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