The War in Ukraine – Is Peace Possible?

February 28, 2024


Another twelve months of war in the Ukraine have passed. Though news coverage has diminished, the suffering continues. Professors Paul D’Anieri and Rajan Menon join us once more to discuss in two talks what has happened over the past year, and whether a possible path to peace exists.

The War in Ukraine at Year 2: what has happened and what can we expect? Professor Rajan Menon, City University of New York.

When Russian invaded Ukraine on Feb 24, 2022, the prevailing wisdom among experts was that Ukraine would be defeated within a week. Yet Ukraine pushed Russia away from Kyiv well before western arms began to flow in high volume. Western arms have been essential for Ukraine’s resistance yet we can’t understand its ability to fight on against a military superpower without exploring the role of nationalism, morale, and generalship. Will these same qualities see Ukraine through to victory? Professor Rajan Menon explores how that may depend more on the West than on Ukraine.

Is there a path to peace in Ukraine? Professor Paul D’Anieri, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of California, Riverside.

While the word stalemate is increasingly used to describe the war in Ukraine, neither side seems eager to stop fighting, because both consider the current status quo unacceptable. How can peace be maintained in the long term if the underlying causes of the war remain in place, and what possibilities exist for establishing long-term security in the region? Professor Paul D’Anieri explores the most challenging obstacles to reaching that goal.

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