The Sounds of Iron Age Somerset – An Audio Journey Through Time

March 27, 2021


What would it be like to gently glide through the Somerset Levels in a canoe in the Iron Age? What bird and animal sounds would we hear? There is no need to wonder any more. Joe Monkhouse, a sound special effects expert, has created a 10-minute video that transports us back to that time and place. The work is meticulously researched (based on archaeological finds) to include the types of bird sounds that would have been prevalent almost 2,000 years ago. In this recording of a live online talk Joe first explains how he created this incredible work or art, then shows the film and takes part in a Q&A session. When you watch the video and listen to the wildlife sounds, you can ‘play along’ by trying to identify the many different bird noises. All species used are listed in the end credits.

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