Party in the City

May 3, 2022


The Beatles at Shea Stadium, the Stones at Altamont, they were just pale imitations of the musical greatness about to unfold at Queen Square this Spring. We are delighted this year to be a host venue for Party in the City, the opening night of Bath Festival 2022. On this special night the city rocks and rolls along to a multitude of free music events of all genres and to kick off our involvement with the festival Now & Then, Dick Bateman’s singalong band, deliver a smorgasbord of musical classics. If that wasn’t enough, at 6pm: Barry & the Fridge Mechanics follow with their own brand of lyrical folk-rock music with a nod and a wink to Paul Simon and James Taylor. In this video Dick Bateman tells you a little about what you can expect on the night.

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