Medical Analysis on a Chip: a Revolution Happening

June 29, 2022


The pregnancy test and the glucose meter are classic examples of biosensors that have a clear impact on people’s lives. More recently, everyone has become familiar with COVID-19 self-tests. The provision of healthcare is changing, with a tendency towards telemedicine whenever possible. But such changes are only truly effective with new biosensors that patients can use in a simple way. In this talk, held on June 29th 2022, Professor Pedro Estrela highlights several examples of biosensors for a range of diseases and conditions. Miniaturisation, together with the use of nanotechnologies and artificial intelligence, makes it possible to have full medical laboratories on a small chip. Professor Pedro Estrela is Director at the Centre for Biosensors, Bioelectronics and Biodevices (C3Bio), at the University of Bath. Image: Artem Podrez (Pexels)

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