Light Pollution: Why it’s harming us all

June 25, 2021
Astronomers are aware of the difficulties light pollution can pose for the pursuit of their activities, but its harmful effects go way beyond simply obscuring the beauties of the night sky. Artificial light offers many benefits, but it needs to be the right light at the right times and in the right places. There is increasing evidence that, when we get it wrong, there are much broader impacts on our health and environment: it is bad for human health (mental and physical), and harmful to many forms of wildlife. More lighting doesn’t always mean more security, and our communities lose contact with the pleasures of the night sky. Reducing energy wasted on unnecessary artificial lighting can also contribute to climate change targets, and save costs.
In this recording of a live online panel discussion, the different harms caused by light pollution are examined, as well as potential solutions to the problem.
Featuring: Bob Mizon, UK Coordinator of the Commission for Dark Skies; Dr Bob Fosbury Astronomer Emeritus, ESO, and Hon. Prof., UCL Inst. Ophthalmology; Sophie Spencer, Director, CPRE Avon and Bristol; and Charles Draper, Chairman of Bath and Surrounds Starlit Skies.

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