Innovation: the Key to Unlocking Better Health and Social Care?

November 23, 2021


Discussing her work: ‘Innovation – the Word that would be King’, Professor Louise Brown (University of Bath) introduces us to the concept of social innovation and the way in which innovation is used to improve health and social care services. Innovation has traditionally played a very important role in the private sector but these days it is gaining importance in the public sector. In this recording of a live online talk, Prof Brown explores what social innovation is and how we use innovation to tackle ‘wicked problems’ in the field of health and social care. She draws upon examples of her research looking at three innovations and how her work supports their spread across the world. She takes us to China, looking at new child protection models, shows us how Covid s being tackled in the townships of South Africa and looks at how social science research can support the scaling up of 3D printed microscopes.

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