I will Survive: The “Survivability Advantage” of the Family Business

May 11, 2021

The socio-economic context generated by the Covid-19 pandemic poses an existential threat to many businesses, big and small, in a wide range of industries. In this context, the continuity of family-run enterprises can and should play a key role in protecting employment and ensuring a robust economic recovery; not only do they generate about one third of UK GDP, but they are often believed to be more resilient, stable, and oriented towards their long-term survival than their non-family counterparts. In the recording of a live online talk, Dr Antonio Revilla from Bath Spa University, explores the so-called ‘survivability advantage’ of family business: Does it really exist? What factors contribute to it, and which ones may jeopardise it? Why does it matter? What can other businesses learn from family enterprises, and how can it help them navigate an economic crisis?

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