Herschel Conference Coming Soon to the BRLSI

August 29, 2022


The BRLSI is delighted to host an exciting and informative conference to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the death of the great astronomer William Herschel, in conjunction with the Herschel Society. To book your tickets – in-person or online – for the event on OCTOBER 1ST 2022 visit www.brlsi.org Why is it that we celebrate Herschel over two hundred years after his death? William Herschel’s discovery of the planet Uranus in 1781 brought him widespread fame, but his importance to astronomy rests much more on his pioneering work on the deep sky beyond our solar system over the subsequent decades. A joint conference put together by the Herschel Society in tandem with Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, and being held at Queen Square in Bath, is the centrepiece of the Herschel Society’s celebration of William Herschel’s achievements on the 200th anniversary of his death in 1822. If you love astronomy, but Herschel’s home city of Bath feels light years away, you might be pleased to know that you can attend the conference both live at Queen Square and online. Wherever you are in the world you will be able to engage in the company of likeminded enthusiasts. Exploring William’s telescope making, observing methods, ground- breaking deductions, unique collaboration with Caroline in cataloguing the deep sky, his speculative views on life on other worlds and William’s and Caroline’s own words, the conference will allow you to get to know at a deeper level the achievements of a man who just might be the greatest astronomer the world has ever known.

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