Have Vegans got it right? A BRLSI Philosophy Debate

January 5, 2021

Have vegans got it right? What has veganism come to symbolise and why? Or are we carnivores by our nature and evolution? In this recording of an entertaining live online debate and discussion, the BRLSI’s Don Cameron and Andreas Wasmuht explore these and other questions. All living things have arisen from inanimate matter by the action of natural selection. Humans exist today alongside domesticated animals, which provide us with meat and other foods, power, companionship and other products. In this long association, humans and animals have co-evolved and the domesticated species have adapted to our needs. They have spread over the world, becoming much more numerous than their wild relatives and quite different from them. Humans feel a moral duty to each other and to their domesticated animals. The questions are, what should these moral values be and is there a need for change?

Don Cameron and Andreas Wasmuht

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