Getting Inside an Ichthyosaur’s Skull

April 15, 2020


In lieu of opening our scheduled BRLSI Collections exhibition, Jurassic Ark, we present a video originally intended as a gallery installation. In it you will learn about how an exquisitely preserved ichthyosaur skull of the genus Hauffiopteryx has been studied using modern scientific techniques. Strawberry Bank is a unique collection of fossils from Ilminster, Somerset, collected by Charles Moore in the 1840s and ’50s and now cared for as part of the BRLSI Collections. The fossils record a Lower Jurassic (Toarcian, 183 million years old) ecosystem in exquisite detail. Background information on Strawberry Bank and BRLSI’s work though the Jurassic Ecosystem of Strawberry Bank Project can be found on our own site here: The specific research outlined in this video was published in Palaeontology here: A scholarly review of the Strawberry Bank Lagerstätte can be found in the Journal of the Geological Society here: BRLSI thanks Professor Mike Benton, Dr Benjamin Moon, and Ryan Marek for their work in organising and undertaking this research. We also thank the Leverhulme Trust and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation for funding study of the Strawberry Bank Lagerstätte, and Lorie Barber for her preparatory work on the fossils. Video Details Video edited by Dan Deegan Music provided via under creative commons licences Track 1 ‘Horses’ by Pictures of the Floating World Track 2 ‘Recalling’ by Blear Moon Track 3 ‘Ash Gray’ by Pictures of the Floating World.

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