Francesco Benozzo: The Ridge & the Song: Harp Concert

November 22, 2023


The Ridge & the Song: | Harp concert and talk by Francesco Benozzo, Wednesday 22nd November 2023, BRLSI, Queen Square, Bath

In this concert and talk, poet and harpist Francesco Benozzo performs traditional music originating from differing territories focusing on the intertwined essence of world music. He portrays a dimension where life and music are suspended between reality and dream, artistic imagination and the creativeness of tradition. Francesco Benozzo is Associate Professor of Romance Philology and Linguistics at the University of Bologna, where he coordinates the Doctorate in “Literary and Cultural Studies”. He is a poet and musician of international fame (candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature from Pen International since 2015). He is the founder of Ethnophilology, a discipline that interacts with the texts in an anti-authoritarian, libertarian perspective and with a focus on native and oral traditions. He has issued 15 musical albums released in Italy, Denmark and UK. He won numerous important music prizes including the title of Honorary Bard of Portugal.

Among his latest books: Speaking Australopithecus, 2019, Carducci, 2021, The Ridge and the Song. Sailing the Archipelago of Poetry, 2022, Poeti della Marea, 2022, Sciamanica. Poems from the Borders of the Worlds, 2023.

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