Doughnut Economics: Can Bath Thrive like Amsterdam?

September 12, 2023


Doughnut Economics: Can Bath Thrive like Amsterdam?| Lecture by Carra Santos, Tuesday 12th September 2023, Queen Square, Bath.

“How can our city be a home to thriving people, in a thriving place, whilst respecting the wellbeing of all people, and the health of the whole planet?” – Doughnut Economics

Join Carra Santos MSc who gives a snapshot of 21st century Doughnut Economics insights, exploring the economic mindset proposed by Kate Raworth and a cross-sector collaborative vision for Bath. Carra Santos MSc is a cross-sector educator and interpreter, supporting creative enterprise, cities and communities to co-design the transition to sustainable futures. In addition to her practice, she is a Design Council Specialist Expert, and a Doughnut Economics educator and consultant, supporting University of Bath with outreach and engagement.

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