China 2049

February 15, 2022

China is seldom out of the news as the country increasingly challenges the hegemony of the United States when it comes to global leadership. But what does the future hold for a country embracing new opportunities but also facing key challenges? In this recording of a live online talk David Dollar, from the Brookings Institution, present results from a collaborative effort among economists at Peking University and the Brookings Institution. Key questions addressed include: does China have enough talent and the right institutional setting to transition from an input-driven economy to an innovation-driven one? What does an aging population mean for the country in terms of labor supply, consumption, and social welfare expenditures? Can China contain environmental and climate change risks? How should the financial system be transformed in order to support these objectives while managing financial risks? These and other challenges feature in the talk, which was held on February 15th 2022. David Dollar is Senior Fellow – Foreign Policy, Global Economy and Development, John L. Thornton China Center, The Brookings Institution.

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