Rediscovering Jane Austen

In Autumn 2020 BRLSI presented a series of lectures reassessing and celebrating the work of Bath’s most famous author, Jane Austen. Nobody who has ever read Austen can doubt the place the city of Bath held in her imagination, appearing as it did in both Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. But what contemporary relevance does Austen still hold? You might just be surprised. The Rediscovering Jane Austen Strand assesses Austen’s relevance in the modern world by celebrating her feminism, her spirituality, her views on marriage and her position on the slave trade

The Jane Austen Bath & Bristol Group has been going for more than 30 years. It offers talks and events which celebrate all aspects of the novelist’s life and interests.

Jane Austen lived as a resident in Bath from 1801 to 1806 with summer trips and visits to family and friends. Although Bath features in her books, she herself was pleased to escape in July 1806. Her time as a resident was difficult: her father died, as did her best friend, and she had the care of her mother who was something of a valetudinarian. Austen’s letters at this time reflect her impoverished status and the underlying sadness of her situation.

BRLSI, in tandem with the Jane Austen Society, is delighted to act as a hub for Austenites the world over, to explore Austen and her writing through live talks, videos, music, dance, readings and, once in a while, a quiz. To enjoy past Austen lectures visit our ‘Rediscovering Jane Austen’ playlist on the Virtual BRLSI YouTube channel:


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