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From the Bluestockings through to Rosa Luxemburg and from the history of the Huguenots to the story of Bath Stone, the History and Culture lecture programme at BRLSI is nothing if not eclectic. Recent lectures have included the Story of Haile Selassie’s exile in Bath, Queen Charlotte, the Women’s Transatlantic Networks and the Georgian Papers Programme.

Our History and Culture lectures highlighting the lives and achievements of extraordinary women have been enormously successful and support a campaign by BRLSI to garner more plaques in the city dedicated to female achievement. BRLSI have recently published a women’s street map of Bath, and a publication dedicated to the lives of Bath’s Extraordinary Women can be purchased from BRLSI reception.

The History and Culture series would like to ensure it is representative of all sections of society and if you have a contribution you would like to make to the programme we would love to hear from you. In the first instance contact reception@brlsi.org and mark the email for the attention of Marie-Louise Luxemburg.

To enjoy lectures on the History and Culture Stream on our Virtual BRLSI YouTube channel please click:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJW1gdt3yAhcNWXTa1YFYaYnjdznRl4xC


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