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The Engineering & Technology activity at Bath Royal seeks to present original and interesting work within these very wide-ranging spheres, with a particular emphasis upon useful, leading-edge research and enterprise. This may be identified within the various highly-rated academic research establishments in the Bath and Bristol region, but wherever possible we seek to present commercial activity which is providing an actual beneficial service to the community, whether local or global, as well as adding wealth to the local economy.

We often present talks which give an environmental understanding or benefit, as the huge challenges for energy provision, transportation, efficient accommodation, etc, in a world under threat, are the most pressing problems of the age. For this, we normally circulate our publicity to ‘green’ organisations in the area. However, any exciting engineering or technological enterprise is invited to share concepts with us, including historical examples of innovation as well as current breakthroughs, and we hope to provide a platform to learn from and to stimulate creative work in these fields.


Dr Jon Bennett

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Engineering & Technology

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