Bath Wildlife

BRLSI is assisting Bath Natural History Society in developing an online guide to local wildlife. BRLSI is hosting the facility on its website and Bath Natural History Society is funding its development and providing experts to help identify plants and animals. BRLSI’s Bath Wildlife group was formed to provide assistance in the form of workshops and other events to help residents improve their knowledge of the local wildlife.

Facilities exist for you to record your own observations and to view observations made by others. A form is available for you to Add a Sighting of anything that interests you, whether you know what it is or not. You can add photographs to show what it looked like or what it was doing, or it might just be evidence of what had passed by, such as footprints. An expert will then check your record and confirm it or supply a name for what you have seen.

Your sighting will appear on a list of Recent Sightings which can be searched by members of the public to home in on whatever interests them, whether it is a particular plant or animal, what can be found at a particular location or what can be seen at a particular time of year.

At the end of each year details of what has been seen will be passed to the local Biological Record Centres at Bristol (BRERC) and Devizes (WSBRC).




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