Antiquity at BRLSI is a research, discussion and lecture association. It was originally conceived as a forum to consider the Classical past but its spectrum subsequently broadened to include all aspects of the ancient world from the earliest known civilisations down to the period of Late Antiquity in seventh century C.E.

The Antiquity programme pursues a policy of accuracy and best interpretation in all fields and incorporates the latest scholarly methods of accessing Antique history. All aspects of worldwide antiquity and associated ancient wisdom are considered, moreover, there is a catholicity of approach which embraces concepts about antiquity, recognitions and mis-recognitions, together with examination of the ways in which concepts were expressed and transmitted in the past and how they are interpreted now.

Within their nominal time-frame, the Antiquity sessions endeavour to consider and express salient emergent information, offer interpretations of current scholarship and re-assessment of past historical interpretations. Each talk, guest lecture or specialist symposium offers not only excellent and thought-provoking subject matter but equally, we offer a very warm welcome to those who wish to expand knowledge through high-quality, thoughtful scholarship…and provocation of associated questions.

Invitation: Those interested in speaking on any subject relevant to the Antique world or with other suggestions about this group may reach Lee Hooker by email . Although this Institution is affiliated to local universities, it maintains independence of thought, offering an opportunity for scholars – professional and amateur – to explore and express views and theories at the cutting-edge of human endeavour in arts and sciences, unhampered by course requirements or funding restrictions, thus fulfilling the core educational and charitable objective of the BRLSI.


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