Prof Ted Honderich to speak on ‘Right and Wrong’

BRLSI doesn’t often do Saturday evening events (if you’d like more, let us know!), but on Saturday 29th October the Philosophy Group welcomes back Professor Ted Honderich of UCL to speak on Right and Wrong and Palestine, 911, the Arab Spring, some English Summer. He’ll ask whether Philosophy be a guide to right and wrong in such large issues, and if so then on what principles it should lean.

Not new to controversy, Professor Ted Honderich has published a number of books and articles describing his moral defence of Palestinian terrorism, despite his justification of the founding and maintaining of Israel in its original 1948 borders. In 2002 after the publication of his book After the Terror,  written during the aftermath of 9/11, Honderich told his publishers to donate his £5000 advance to the charity Oxfam. A Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, suggested that Oxfam would be taking money from a terrorist sympathizer. Oxfam then made the decision to decline the contribution causing quite a stir in the British Media.
Born in Baden, Ontario,  Honderich, graduated from the University of Toronto before travelling to England to study at University College London under the Logical Positivist A. J. Ayer.  After receiving his doctorate, Ted Honderich lectured at the University of Sussex before ultimately becoming Grote Professor at University College London.

Amongst his many books Professor Honderich has published three volumes of philosophical journals. He’s also made numerous television and radio appearances, and edited a number philosophical works.
A visiting Professor to Universities including Yale and New York, he returns to BRLSI for what is expected to be a most stimulating talk.

The lecture will be at 7.30pm (doors open 7pm), and entrance is £4 (£2 BRLSI members/students).