Mouse Bones and Golden Beetles: The Collector as Artist at BRLSI

Back in February artist, collector and diver Duncan Cameron (pictured below) gave a lecture in the BRLSI’s Darwin and Beyond season on Collecting as Art. Now he’s backwith a collection of his art, for an exhibition running until Saturday 28th of November.
“The works assembled together in this show are the culmination of a series of pieces that explore themes of collection and loss,” he told us. “I’ve collected natural history specimens since growing up as a child in Norfolk, and in these works items such as boards of found insects, pickled shrimps and test-tubes are collected together into boxes with painted details, intricate labels and field notes.”
Each work responds to a particular time or place, and alongside the finished boxes and collage works, Duncan will also be showing work in progress and ideas that are still being developed.
“Themes of shipwreck and salvage meet cabinets and cages that might remind you of things seen in museums that feel familiar,” he says, “yet on closer inspection they’re perhaps strange, and I hope memorable. Corroded surfaces, mouse bones and golden beetles convey a powerful sense of time passing and of the inveitable life and death struggle in the world around us”.
Following a very well-attended preview on Friday 6th November, the main exhibition will run from the 7th to the 28th November, 10am – 4pm excluding Sundays. Admission is free.