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Lindsay Clarke, Author & Poet

6 September


17 May 2003

There was a much improved turnout for the members' meeting this year compared with 2002. Numbers were swelled by members who had joined the Institution since the beginning of last year, who had been individually invited to the meeting by Nancy Catchpole.


11th May 2002

The Chairman of Trustees, Nancy Catchpole, began the meeting by outlining changes in the line-up of the Institution's staff and officers and went on, with Rodney Tye, Chairman of the Finance sub-committee, to describe some significant financial matters.

Rodney said that, thanks to the new lease agreed with the Training Agency, we now had £45,000 more rental income annually, and the draft accounts for the past financial year showed a healthy positive balance.

26 May 2001

The Chairman of Trustees, Dr Jennifer Gunning, opened the meeting by reporting that a new lease was under negotiation with the existing tenants, B&NES Training Services, at an annual rent of £65,000 for the period Jan 2002 2005. As part of the new lease, the Institution will be able to use the Pink room during one day a month, in addition to the current arrangement. Victor Suchar congratulated the Trustees on this decision.