Mathematicians turn out for exhibition launch

There was a sudden increase in mathematical intellect at the Institution with two former Trustees, Prof Leslie Fraenkel and Prof John Toland, both FRS’s, turning out to support artists Beryl Fraenkel and Hilary Turnbull at the preview of their exhibition of paintings.
Beryl has been a previous exhibitor at BRLSI, having taken part in a group show under the ‘Artists 303′ label. She  was born in Aldershot in 1929 but has lived and worked near Bath for many years. Since leaving Guildford Art School in 1948 she has developed a unique semi-abstract style rooted in her love of the landscape and colour. “My primary interests in painting have always been colour and light,”, she says, ” and if pictures don’t speak for themselves then what use are words….”
Hilary says “I am interested in shape, colour, tone and texture and although I draw constantly and take photographs, these images are for reference, and the drawing is compulsive. It is the bringing together of the parts into a satisfactory whole that interests me. My interest in mixed media started about four years ago when studying the surface of rocks on the Cornish coastline. I live on the edge of Salisbury Plain and have the good fortune to have constant reminders of ancient civilisations, the barrows, strip lynchets and settlements, with their evidence of earlier life..”
The exhibition is open Monday-Saturday, 10am – 4pm, until Tuesday 22nd December. Admission is free.