John Gray – Why Cats Don’t Need Philosophy


Since the release of his book Straw Dogs 20 years ago, John Gray’s work and reputation have come to occupy a space in contemporary culture that few philosophers share.

Gray’s dismissal of liberal humanism as little more than an atheistic illusion, alongside his portrayal of a human species hell bent on utilising the tools of the digital age to bring about their own animalistic destruction, has been seen as prophetic by some, while viewed as nihilistic and dangerous by others. Yet, whatever your take on John Gray’s worldview, it is not easily ignored.

Professor Gray will be visiting us to talk on his most recent book ‘Why cats don’t need philosophy, and what we can learn from them.’ Cats don’t need philosophy says Gray because they already know how to live, and they aren’t troubled by any thought of death. Humans look for meaning by telling their lives as stories, but stories can always be disrupted or ended by chance and death. Can we learn to live like cats and do without philosophy? Or are we destined to be always looking for a way to live?
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