Last month a group of BRSLI volunteers was treated to a tour of Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein, led by one of its co-founders, Chris Harris. This unique attraction on Gay Street is an immersive literary museum and gallery, plus there are escape rooms and a horror experience if you dare!

The museum charts the story of Mary Shelley’s life, which was by turns inspiring, sad, scandalous and revolutionary. Displays outline the real life incidents and contemporary influences which gave the 19 year old Mary her ideas for the book, how it was received at the time and how the idea of Frankenstein’s monster has become ingrained in popular culture over the ensuing two hundred years.

This is a really unusual and fascinating place; the house is decorated in a faded-glamour-meets-steampunk style to engross you fully in Mary’s world and there’s something to explore everywhere you look. In The Laboratory, body parts in jars sit on shelves, whilst a mesmerising scale model of Frankenstein’s original monster glares down at you as you look around the room.

Moving up the four storeys of the house is a journey forwards in time, with the upper floors examining how stage productions and Hollywood films transformed Shelley’s original monster into the green-faced, bolt-necked creature we instantly think of when we hear the name “Frankenstein”. The museum is topped out by a tiny screening room in the attic, where you can watch a charming silent film dating from 1910 – at 114 years old it’s the first known cinematic version of the book.

Down in the basement, things get a bit more scary! The founders wanted to create a horror attraction within the house to cover all the Franken-bases and if you’re easily frightened, the claustrophobic rooms, unmentionable things swinging from the ceiling, sudden noises and jump scares are definitely enough to get your heart rate going!

Thanks to Chris for such a brilliant tour; we all learned something and had a fun time.

In addition to our normal discounted rates, House of Frankenstein has kindly offered BRLSI further discounts:


  1. 1 free child entry when accompanied by 1 paying adult (which can also be a concession ticket) – offer valid for museum entry until 31 December 2024.


  1. 10% off a booking for either Victor’s Lair or The Shallows Escape Rooms, plus 10% off The Body In A Suitcase Game. Tickets include museum entry. Valid until 31 December 2024.

You can claim these offers in person with your BRSLI membership card. Or to book online:

  1. Visit
  2. Select your tickets and click BOOK NOW
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  4. At the ORDER SUMMARY add in your promotional code (below) and click CHECKOUT
    1. For a free child ticket enter: BRLSICHILD
    2. For 10% off Escape Rooms enter: BRLSIGAMES

You are strongly advised to book ahead for anything other than general museum entry.