Heritage Open Days- Astounding Inventions


This year Heritage Open Days are celebrating England’s rich history of invention, industry and innovation with their 2022 theme ‘Astounding Inventions.’ Whether it’s transporting visitors back to the industrial revolution, examining the inventions that power our daily lives, highlighting the legacy of a local inventor, or showcasing cutting-edge innovations – this year they are inviting our festival community to showcase the diverse tapestry of English inventions that make our world go around.

At Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, we are bringing some Astounding inventions of our own. All summer children have been visiting our gallery and designing inventions for the creatures in our exhibition. Our young inventors got the choice between designing a Dragon trap, creating something to help a Unicorn move around safely in the dark, and inventing something that might help a mermaid clean up the ocean floor. Not only this, like Frankenstein they are inventing some mythical creatures of their own, following an inspiring visit.

We will be celebrating Heritage Open Days online on September 11th. Keep your eyes peeled and watch our website for a video containing not one but all of the amazing inventions that got created this summer.