Five Questions with Hamish Kale: Marine & Natural History Photographer

5 Questions with Hamish Kale


We asked Marine & Natural History Photographer Hamish Kale a few Questions ahead of his Q&A event exploring what it takes to become the new Jacques Cousteau! This event takes place live at Queen Square on Monday 15th November, don’t miss out!

Hamish, how did you come to take up nature and marine photography?

Something I will of course be going into in more detail during my talk, but I took up natural history photography because it combined two of my favourite things. The outdoors and photography. Being able to share and communicate the natural world with people is what I love the most about it.

What is your favourite photograph taken by yourself?

My favourite photo I have taken, tough question and if you ask me again in a week, I may give a different answer! It is probably this image, of a Red Sea Guard Crab in a piece of coral. (Image below)

Image of Red Sea Guard Crab





Is there anything you would like to have photographed but haven’t managed to yet?

A British Columbian Coastal Wolf, I wrote my dissertation of them at university and they are in my opinion the coolest animals in the world. (Image below)

Have there been any genuinely scary moments? 

Being charged by a rhino and an elephant have to be up there (separate occasions) as well as chased/stalked by Lions.

What advice would you have for any young naturalists out there?

Get out and get involved in whatever you can. Something I heard Steve Backshall say the other day during a talk at COP26 was, “go and explore what’s on your doorstep before jetting off to the other-side of the world”. You’ll always be amazed at what you can find locally!

Don’t miss Hamish Kale on Monday November 15th as he gives us a glimpse of what it is to work as a Marine and Natural history photographer. Book tickets for the event here.



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