‘Exploring the ocean floor’ 26 Oct 2017 7.30pm

Thursday 26 October 2017 7.30pm-9pm
In collaboration with RGS-IBG  Joint event with BRLSI Science
‘Exploring the ocean floor’ 
Dr Philippe Blondel, Department of Physics, University of Bath 
Oceans can be as exciting as space: we discover new places, make new findings and design the latest technologies.  This talk will show how 21st century ocean floor exploration works and the new instruments we are designing, illustrated with applications from around the world – from mid-ocean ridges and black smokers, with new forms of life, to polar glaciers and the signs of climate change.
Exciting new developments will be presented too: monitoring ecosystems around marine renewable energy devices, reducing the impact of seismic exploration, and throwing new light on old shipwrecks with new technologies.

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