BRLSI’s Bob Draper absconds for a new life by the seaside!

For many people and for a very long time Bob Draper’s  was the first face you saw as you walked into this institution and for many years he combined an almost selfless dedication to BRLSI with a sort of anarchy of spirit which was a delight to all who knew him, and belied the gentle exterior and drew visitors to BRLSI like Bees to a honeypot. And now, he’s only gone and done it again. Just when we thought he couldn’t surprise us any more, he’s run away to the seaside with his new bride!

Rumour has it Bob has been seen in deepest darkest Dorset with his beloved wife, and if you’re thinking of going all Rogue Male, thinking of cruising every Holloway with your map and compass in hand, just to see him again, you need not. Just send your details to and we will be delighted to pass them on to him.