Chance encounter leads to BRLSI exhibition

Back in September 2008 artist and BRLSI Exhibitions Convenor Rex Valentine visited the Royal Academy’s Francis Bacon exhibition in London, and struck up a conversation with a fellow painter who, it turned out, had attended Rex’s lecture on Bacon at the BRLSI the day before. Two years later the chance meeting has born fruit in an exhibition of paintings and drawings by John Mitchell which runs at the BRLSI from 26th June until 24th July.

Lancashire-born but now resident in Frome, John Mitchell (right) is a trained Gestalt Psychotherapist as well as an artist. Since 2000 he has worked intensively at drawing and painting, with emphasis on the human figure, working from life and other sources including his own photographs, the work of other artists, and images from magazines, newspapers, film, TV and books. Components are selected to provide a point of departure rather than a destination, withholding interpretation and allowing the painting to unfold. John has recently been exhibiting at the Hay Hill Gallery in Cork Street, London.
Rex Valentine told us “We’re very fortunate that John Mitchell has found time to show at the BRLSI. He’s a particularly good painter, as you’ll see when you see his work.” The exhibition is open Monday – Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and entrance is free.